JeysonDavis (joes87) wrote in canadabound,

Question about the Case Processing Center in Ottawa

So, I sincerely thank everyone here who's been so helpful to me and answered all my questions. I was checking the CIC website, and I noticed that in the processing times section of the site, based on the geographical region of the Americas, the CPC-O said it had a wait time of 16 months. Does that mean I could mail in my permanent residency application to them directly? Or is that impossible and I would have to go half-way across the country to either L.A. or New York City? If I could somehow get my hands on an application packet and just send it to them through the post, that would be ideal. I await your answers patiently.
Tags: common law, family class, immigration lawyer, outside spousal, paying fees, permanent residency, photos (for forms), physical presence in canada, pictures, pr paperwork, processing time, sending in application for pr, timeline
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