JeysonDavis (joes87) wrote in canadabound,

I have a serious question... again.

My fiancee and I are finally getting married next September. We've had a lot of difficulties getting to this stage, mostly from her family, but it's finally happening. The thing is, we still haven't started the process of my Canadian immigration. Originally, I was supposed to visit her for her 30th birthday, but it's likely that she'll be coming south of the US/CA border instead. The thing is, I had planned to go to an immigration attorney even if just to ask questions and get squared the plan squared away and, if possible, under way. Now I'm wondering exactly how I would go about getting paperwork. Also, is it possible to get my hands on the forms for spousal immigration before actually being married? For example, she takes them to the states with her and we fill them out together, and then I apply with the fees attached from the states?

What I guess I'm basically asking about is what would the best plan of action be depending on both outcomes, i.e. I go there for her birthday, or she comes here instead?

Honestly, I'm pretty stupid when it comes to legal jargon, so PLEASE break it down for me in simple speak.
Tags: border crossing, common law, immigration lawyer, inside vs. outside spousal, marriage vs. common law, paying fees, permanent residency, physical presence in canada, pr card, pr paperwork, pr timeline-inside spousal, processing time, residency, sponsorship, timeline, who can stay in canada
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