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Changing name after immigration

Hello again,

I am a US citizen and have been living in Ontario as a permanent resident for about a year now, and I have some questions for anyone who's changed their name after recently immigrating.

I didn't take my husband's last name immediately after marrying, because we had already begun gathering our paperwork months before the wedding (which took place in Ontario). I didn't want to deal with updating my passport, license, security papers, etc., at the time. But now that we're settled, I would like to change my last name.

So here are my questions:

Will I have to change my last name in both the US and Canada? Just the US? Just Canada? Will changing my last name invalidate all of my current documents (i.e., passport, health card, SIN card, etc.) and therefore require me to apply for new ones? Is anyone at all familiar with the name-change process in Canada or the US? For example, which gov't agency deals with the paperwork, what documentation (birth certificate, marriage certificate) is necessary, etc.?

Also, my husband is originally from a country where the naming convention adds an "a" if it's a woman's last name. Will it be an issue that our names would therefore not look exactly the same (e.g., Belyakov vs. Belyakova)?

Thanks in advance, and thanks also for all the help you guys have given me throughout this entire process.
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