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Establishing time together to be eligible for permanent residency

Hello there!

I am a Canadian citizen and my fiancé is an American. He has lived with me for 6 months in Canada. He is returning to the US today to reset his clock. We have some of questions:

Question 1. How long should one stay out of the country in order to reset the clock? To my knowledge this is not mentioned anywhere on the CIC site.

We want to build up another 6 months living together in Canada in order to be eligible to apply for family sponsored (common-law) permanent residency. We also are planning to marry and hopefully have a child within the next year.

We assume that they track all border movement because of the radio frequency chip imbedded within all US passports. So upon returning to Canada they will know that he just spent 6 months here and they will likely question why it was such a long visit and why he is re-entering.

Question 2. Would it be detrimental to state to the border guards that we are trying to build up enough time to be eligible for a family sponsored permanent residency application?

Question 3. Would it be detrimental to say he is intending to come into Canada for another 6 months?

I understand that he needs to maintain proof of ties to the US. His online business is registered in the US and due to the nature of it he can work remotely from Canada or anywhere.

Question 4. Besides having a business tied to the US, a mailing address, and bank account, is there anything else that he should consider using as proof of US ties?

He is very nervous of not being granted entry or having the amount of time reduced.

Question 5. Is there any way of requesting an extension of the time granted to visit Canada if it is less than the maximum 6 months?

Thanks so much in advance! Tamarasisu
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