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Where to start?

Hey all you helpful human beings!

I decided to try if I could find some help here, I've been checking out a million different websites about immigration to Canada and working there etc. but right now I just feel like my head is about to explode because of all the information...

So anyway, I'm a 26-year-old Finnish woman, born and raised, 100 % Finnish. I've been dreaming about living in Toronto or nearby for quite a while now and ever since my relationship came to an end a while ago I sort of gave that dream a real chance.

Yes, there's plenty of information about immigration online but it's mostly for students or people who already have a job etc. My situation; working in Finland now doing waiting jobs on passenger ferries that operate between Finland and Sweden. I acknowledge that moving to another country requires money and time, that's why I'm bringing this up now - I'm planning to move in around a minimum of year or two once I've managed to save up money and get rid of most of my material belongings.

What I'm wanting to know is, in general, what sort of requirements do they have in Toronto if I want to some day live and work there? For example in Finland if you want to work in a restaurant or a bar you need to have a document showing you have successfully completed an exam on serving alcohol, in a kitchen you need a similar pass on hygiene. Here they don't necessarily require a degree in the field you're planning to work in if you have enough work experience or good references etc. This kind of stuff I'd be interested in!

I don't have a high school diploma but I have an equivalent vocational school degree in audiovisual communication. My English skills (spoken and written) are excellent as well so that shouldn't be a problem at least! I have around 2-3 years' worth of full time work experience, all in customer service jobs.

Do you guys think I would have any chance to live in Toronto some day? And where should I start with my long project of one day living there?

ANY help will be extremely... well, helpful, and I'd be tremendously grateful for any bit of information you can provide me with.

TL;DR: A Finnish girl desperately wants to move to Toronto and wants to know would that even be possible, and what she needs to do before that.
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