JeysonDavis (joes87) wrote in canadabound,

Serious question..

It's been some time since I was last here.. and recently while looking further into immigration to Canada, I found this "partner sponsorship" thing.. is that seriously a legit way for my fiancee and I to live together there? we've been together for a little shy of 3 years, engaged almost 2. And we are both rather poor.. I don't have a job offer in Canada and I'm not in school. So, if this sponsorship thing is an actual way to live together with her in Canada, are there any prerequisites, OR can I seriously just move up there as long as we stay in the relationship? Also, is it possible to use a permanent residency card to apply for work? I was reading something about preventing marriage fraud referencing this very "sponsorship" and apparently certain "types" of people will fake marry to get a permanent residency card.. and that was the only reason I could think of why they'd fake marry to get it, to get a job.. no? Seriously.. needing answers!
Tags: background checks, border crossing, co-signers, employment, entry, fees, income requirements, landing, permanent residency, physical presence in canada, pr card, pr paperwork, processing time, residency, sending in application for pr, sponsorship, who can stay in canada
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