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Will having a Fiance in Canada hurt my chances at a Study Permit?

Hello all! Sorry for the long post but I felt I should put as much info in as I can:

I am a US citizen and was accepted to a Canadian College and have received financial aid for it. In addition I have been saving up money for a few months and just had an interview for an on-campus job that it was determined that I was a great candidate for and should hear back from them next week. No criminal records or anything and I have been admitted to Canada several times in the past year to visit my Fiance, sometimes for several weeks, and have always left when my visitor visa was up. So all in all I have had no previous issues entering Canada.

However I need to apply at the border next month for my Study Permit and I read somewhere that if the officer does not believe you will be leaving Canada once your visa is up, they will not admit you one. I talked to my international student advisor about this and she said it is mainly a system in place to prevent people who try to enter Canada under the premise of studying but end up not doing that. However she did say that if I divulged the information that I will be staying with my Fiance and her father, they might think I am trying to cheat the system or something. However I told her that I told them that I had entered before and had told the CIC that I have a fiance. She said that they will have that on file so its best not to lie (I won't lie obviously because I don't want to get in trouble) and that she thought it wouldn't be and issue. However her answer to me was kinda back and forth so I thought I'd get some other opinions.

Basically I am concerned that I won't be admitted to Canada to study based off my pre-existing relationship, although I am planning on teaching overseas once I get my degree and will of course leave Canada if/when my visa expires as I don't want to cause any issues. Should I be worried about this? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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