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Ways to fund a Private Career College education?

(Wow, I had to log back into my ancient livejournal account... @_@ do forgive the dust)


I was refereed to this community by a friend in Toronto who used it to help her with her student permit and then immigration through the 'spousal' method, when she married her husband ^^. I hope you might be able to help me with this conundrum:

I am a U.S. citizen and after visiting Toronto twice to see my friends and attend TCAF, I began to search for ways to move there. I tried applying for work, but did not learn till recently how much red tape an employer has to go through to hire a foreign employee. So my friend suggested the school route.

The school I preferred and applied for was Max the Mutt School for Animation.

And what do you know, I was accepted!

But being that Max is a private career college, I am having issues finding a way of funding my tuition. My family has agreed to do it as a last resort, but I, and they, would rather not resort to that if at all possible.

I have found scholarships and the like I can apply for, but, just incase, I need a base method to pay my tuition for sure.

I checked the FASFA site already, and my previous student loan provider (I have a bachelor's from a U.S. college already) and neither can help or are throwing me any bones.

If anyone has dealt with this situation before, or has any advice (or even a bit of good cheer), it would be DEEPLY appreciated.

Thank you for your time!
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