JeysonDavis (joes87) wrote in canadabound,

Important question. Need help ASAP.

Okay so... It's once again me, and while looking through the website for the City of Toronto dealing with the marriage requirements, I stumbled upon a problem.
See, the problem is that other than the Passport, which really is just a passport card, I don't have any other probable type of identification. I had a state ID but that expired, and I don't drive. Would it be a good idea to get that renewed? And also, would they accept a state ID instead of a Driver's Liscense? Would they accept my passport card?

Really needing help. Getting married to my fiancee in 2 months up in Ontario.
Tags: citizenship, driver's license, entry, inside vs. outside spousal, maiden names, marriage ceremony in canada, paying fees, permanent residency, physical presence in canada, sending money, travelling
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