JeysonDavis (joes87) wrote in canadabound,

Need help with Canadian immigration ASAP.

Hello, I'm Joe. I'm 25 years old and I'm currently engaged to a beautiful, 27 year old, Canadian model, Frances. Here is a picture of us from last year outside my Nebraska home. Profile Pic with Fran

Due to some credit card issues, Fran can't move down here, and can't really sponsor me, I think, though I could POSSIBLY be wrong.. Basically, I need to move to Canada (Ontario), in as little time as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please, someone, help a fella' out!

A QUICK NOTE: Neither of us know how to drive. So the way we traverse back and forth is by bus or plane. Soooo, yeah.
Tags: border crossing, citizenship, common law, entry, fees, immigration lawyer, income requirements, inside vs. outside spousal, marriage ceremony in canada, marriage vs. common law, moving companies, outside spousal, permanent residency, physical presence in canada, political reasons for immigration, residency, sponsorship
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