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PR success! (and timeline)

Hi everyone! I think it's been quite awhile since anyone has posted a timeline, but I just became a permanent resident on Thursday (YAY!), so I thought I'd share my timeline. I applied via the spousal class, with my application being processed outside Canada. I've also been in Canada for about two years on a work permit, and live in Ontario.

February 2011 - fingerprints done, sent to FBI
March 2011 - FBI clearance received, application paperwork filled out
March - June 2011 - documentation collected for application
June 17 2011 - immigration medical exam
June 24 2011 - application fee paid, application mailed to CIC

November 2011 - husband approved as sponsor, application sent on to visa office in States
February 28 2012 - received letter requesting payment of right of permanent residence fee and proof of immigration medical exam
March 9 2012 - RPR fee paid, receipt and proof of medical sent to visa office
end of May 2012 - payment of fee processed
May 31 2012 - request for passport
June 1 2012 - passport and photos mailed
June 11 2012 - received passport and confirmation of permanent residence
June 14 2012 - landed at Niagara Falls!

I'm so happy and relieved to be done with the process and to finally be a permanent resident! I think that my FBI clearance came back so quickly because I'd already had one done once before in order to get my work permit. Also, the delay between my payment of the RPRF and them processing that payment was I think due to the fact that I'd mailed a copy of my receipt to the visa office that was processing my application, but not to the processing center in Mississauga, which I was apparently also supposed to do. Once I sent it to them as well, they processed it right away.

Hope my timeline is helpful to anyone else applying for their PR. So excited to finally be here on a permanent basis!
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